The De-Cider Trophy

Run by Challenge South West

About the event

For a number of years, Challenge South West has run two day challenge events.  In 2008, in conjunction with Devon 4x4, we raised the bar with the intention of making our annual two day event one of the main must-do events in the world of UK off road challenges.    

Thus the De-Cider Trophy was born.  With the club having the experience of several hardened challenge veterans to draw upon, the enthusiasm of club members and the welcome help and support of Devon 4x4, the event quickly established itself as arguably one of the best events of the year.  In 2012, we were delighted to welcome the continuing sponsorship of Odyssey Batteries in conjunction with Devon 4x4.

In 2017, after nine successful years Devon 4x4 decided that their market had changed and amicably withdrew from involvement with the De-Cider Trophy.

The aim of the De-Cider Trophy was to try and combine some of what we felt were the best elements of previous events, and encourage a strong social emphasis.  Most importantly, the event had to be fun, putting team spirit back at the forefront of our sport.

The event draws interest from the whole of the UK and also parts of Europe, in no small amount due to the word-of-mouth recommendation of previous competitors. If you are lucky enough to gain a place on this event or to help marshal, we hope you will take the opportunity to make some new friends and thoroughly enjoy yourselves!

Winning at the De-Cider Trophy can be tough on both crew and vehicle, but the respect of your fellow competitor to be voted for the Team Spirit Trophy can ultimately be more rewarding.

We hope to see as many of you as possible at the event!

Si Parsons